Architecture and Simulation of the Z1 Computer

Sketches of Z1

360° Object Panorama

Z1 Adder Simulation



Original sketches of the Z1 by Konrad Zuse

The Z1 consisted of about 30000 component parts. For the construction Konrad Zuse drew several schemes to define each component part in its dimensions to have an instruction for the fabrication. In the Konrad Zuse Internet Archive Repository you can find the original sketches of the Z1 and its reconstruction that Konrad Zuse undertook in 1987-1989.

·Description of Zuse's Z1 in arXiv
·Die Prozessorarchitektur der Rechenmaschine Z1

360° object panorama of the Z1 reconstruction

The Z1 was destroyed during WWII and that is why Konrad Zuse reconstructed the computer to be exhibited in the Deutsches Technikmuseum (German Museum of Technology). Here you can get a detailed look at this machine by a 360° object panorama. You can move around the machine, view at it from different heights and zoom in to the see the different elements of each functional unit.

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First 3D simulation of the Z1 adder

Second 3D simulation of the Z1 adder

The Z1 consisted of different functional units, e.g. the input unit, the output unit, the memory units, and the addition unit. Each of this unit was built for a specific purpose and all units were connected. With an interactive and freely movable 3D simulation the functionality of the Z1 adder is demonstrated and explained. You can calculate with it by entering numbers and observe how the adder operates with the processes emphasized by color highlighting. The simulation is based on the original patent plans by Konrad Zuse.