ENIAC simulation: about

project info & contact

The ENIAC simulation was implemented in 2003/2004 by Till Zoppke in the context of his diploma thesis at the Computer Science Institute of Free University of Berlin. In April 2013, I picked up the work again.

The original inspiration for his simulation came from the project ENIAC-ON-A-Chip directed by Jan van der Spiegel at UPenn. Prof. van der Spiegel was so kind as to provide us all the relevant ENIAC documentation for this simulation.

Among all the people that helped me completing the simulation, especially I like to thank my supervisor Prof. Raúl Rojas for his great ideas, to Oliver David Schmidt for his perfect eye and a futuristic ENIAC-skin (that hopefully will be finished one day), and to Shen Min.

For comments, suggestions or bugs, please mail to till.zoppke@fu-berlin.de.

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