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Wikipedia's article about the ENIAC
Facts about the ENIAC, as provided by the free online encyclopedia.

The ENIAC Museum online
The hompage of the ENIAC Museum at the University of Pennsylvania, where the original ENIAC was built.

History of Computer Information
Lots of materials about the ENIAC, including the original report of 1946 and many photos. Hosted at the U.S. Army Research Lab.

Konrad Zuse internet archive
Collection of the works of Konrad Zuse, who built the first program-controlled computing machine. Includes simulations of his computers. Hosted at the Zuse Institute Berlin.

Building the ENIAC on a chip
A project at the University of Pennsylvania supervised by Jan Van der Spiegel, in which the ENIAC was reconstructed on a silicium chip.

The ENIAC Simulator
Simulation of the ENIAC in Java 1.1 by Peter Hansen, University of Osnabrueck, Germany.

A Short history of the Second American Revolution
Article about the ENIAC'S story by Dilys Winegrad and Atsushi Akera.

The ENIAC programmers
Article about the first ENIAC programmers by Kathryn A. Kleimann.

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