ENIAC simulation: f.a.q.

frequently asked

How to install the Java-Plugin?
In order to run the ENIAC simulation, you need the Java runtime environment version 1.7 (minimum) installed on your computer. Check this link for download: http://www.java.com/download/.

How to start?
If you loaded the default configuration, you don't need to set any switches or cables. The machine is already configured to do a basic computation (2+5*8) an running in idle mode. You just need to press the go-button of the Initiating-Unit. The Initiating unit can be found to the left.

How can I write my own program?
Programming the ENIAC meant to set switches and to plug cables. You can play with the example programs and modify them, or start from scratch.

How to set cables?
Just click a connector with the left mouse button, drag the cable to the target connector and release the mouse. To change a cable, click one of its ends and drag it to another connector. To remove a cable, click one end, drag the cable to an area that is not covered by a connector and release it.

I set up a program, but nothing happens.
Every unit has its own power supply and needs to be switched on separately. As well the interconnectors of the Accumulators must be wired: Check the Fibonacci-configuration to see how.

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